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Small . . . . . $30.00

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Medium . . . . . $37.00

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The perfect size for just you, or some roomates who want to share produce. If in doubt, pick this one; it is an excellent starter and you can change your box size at any time if you decide you want more produce!

Large . . . . . $57.00

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Lots of produce in this one! Great for families or couples who are vegetarian.

"Our goal is to bring you the freshest, most delicious, local-first seasonal produce and artisan groceries. By going straight to the farm, we can build relationships and connect our community back to our local food sources"

- Lacey Gilworth, Founder

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Local first, our produce changes with the season. Customize every order, and add artisan extras. Learn more about Small Town Produce here.


We currently deliver to Southern Iowa and Northern Missouri. We'll bring your produce right to your door!

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