All About Small Town Produce

Hey friends! Thanks for stopping by!  We are a small family owned business located in Unionville, MO. Well, that is where we rest our heads at night.  Our friends and family stretch all over Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa and so does our business.

I am Lacey, nice to meet you!  I’m the queen bee, bossy mom, head chef and avid small town supporter. (Yours or mine it makes no difference- small towns stick together!)

Once upon a time I ran a fun little photography studio in Unionville.  While I was fast asleep one night my studio, a big beautiful historic building, came tumbling down. All my hard work and sweat and tears spent renovating that building was gone in an instant. There was no way I would be able to rebuild it on the insurance check nor did I have the funds available to completely start over with a different one. I was devastated.

Then, out of the blue I received a call from a good friend asking if I wanted to go to Florida with her as she needed a little extra help with her organic produce company for the week. Why not? I thought. Maybe a few days away would help me figure out what to do about my photography business. My friend ended up offering me a job and I took it!

At first I had no interest in organic farming nor did I really even understand all of it. However, I started to see the produce that our customers were getting and was blown away. The quality and freshness are unmatched. I also have really enjoyed learning about new specialty produce items. Pink apples? Really? Who knew veggies and fruit went beyond apples, carrots and potatoes? When I realized how much a positive impact a local food hub can have on the community by providing farmers an outlet for their wares and customers access to awesome fresh produce, I knew that this was a business that our small towns here in Missouri/ Iowa needed!

So here we are. My hope is to connect you with super organic and/ or local (when available) produce by bringing it straight to your doorstep or local co-op.

This is a wild idea for the “middle of no where”, but come with me and let’s give it a try!  We can support local farms, grow some great produce and help our small towns whenever possible. We will be donating to local charities every week with any produce extras we have.

Please don't judge. This is the most recent picture of the family of five.  I promise to update soon.



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